50 Amazing Gig Posters

There’s a great collection of design work at Well Medicated… so click on that link…

Here’s a nice one for the excellent electroindie sibling oddballs
Fiery Furnaces by prolific designer Jason Malmberg

(Via GeekLikeMe)


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  1. Start says:

    I’m sure you’ve already noted that this is exctaly the kind of thing that helps build interest in and credibility for Digbeth as a cultural hotspot. But it can’t be done in isolation from other generative activities. For example, if this prompts people to go hunting for the others, it would be generative’ to layer in some other activities at the same time, so that the cumulative effect would be a buzz about the interactive, multilayered qualities of the space. What kind of activities? Could be anything from food to games, architectural tours to gallery events.

  2. Alexavier says:

    I’m shkoced that I found this info so easily.

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