Colouring Time


If you happen to be a modern gentleman (or woman), you may have found yourself wearing a pair of Crocs, ”They’re so light and comfortable!” you may have exclaimed.

The problem is that a comfortably loose Croc can’t meet the challenges of urban living…


What if you need to leap over a puddle of dubious liquid?

Run for a bus?

Or battle ninja cyborgs?


Well Puma stepped up to fill this niche with a superlight moulded foam trainer; they come in an uninspired range of neutral colours and bright white. Fortunately, the white trainer lends itself to personalisation: with a few permanent markers you could do some interesting graphics. Additionally, pencil lines seem to be pretty much indelible so there’s potential for something really artistic. But being limited by a 5 minute attention span, I cracked open two dead markers and used surgical spirit to make some permanent watercolours which I slapped on with a brush.



Have you coloured in your shoes?

I’d like to see…      

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