For some time I’ve maintained the viewpoint that what music really needs right now to shake things up a bit is a sequencer built around Conway’s Game of Life. Enter GlitchDS, a homebrew sequencer built around the afore-mentioned cellular automata simulation which, via the DS touch screen, enables the creation of some seriously head-baking, glitch-infested beats.

Anyone with a Nintendo DS, an R4 card and even a passing interest in strange and unique electronic music should definitely check this out, the fact it’s completely free should seal the deal.


3 Responses to “GlitchDS”

  1. Geraint says:

    Could a complete technophobe idiot handle this? I want to play, it looks so fun – yet I know the DS would probably just catch on fire or something if i attempted it 🙁


  2. Silv says:

    you’ll need an R4 card for your DS though…

  3. admin says:

    I don’t have an R4 yet but people I know who have them say they’re dead easy to use. Our friend Domestication of the Dog has GlitchDS, he says it’s wicked!