More DS Music Love, This Time From Korg

The democratisation of electronic music continues at a frightening pace, with the impending release of Korg’s DS-10 cartridge. Loosely based on Korg’s classic MS-10 synth, the software allows anyone with a Nintendo DS to make professional-sounding electronic music anywhere and at any time.

Features include dual virtual analogue synthesisers, a four-track drum machine programmable via step sequencer and what looks like a virtual patch field, with knob-twiddling and cable-patching handled via the touch screen and stylus.

Sounds all very ho-hum so far? And why not use Nitrotracker instead? Well, there’s one more feature Korg are bringing to the party which we ought to tell you about: the software is able to sync with other DS units wirelessly (as demonstrated in the video above), meaning that the possibilities for jamming and composing with others are endless.

The DS-10 drops in Japan on July 27th, with a worldwide release apparently to follow afterwards. And, being the crazy Game Boy-toting lo-fi music freaks we are, us at Superbonusland can’t wait to get our hands on one!

(Via GoNintendo)

2 Responses to “More DS Music Love, This Time From Korg”

  1. G says:

    We’re planning a trip to Japan at the end of September…


  2. seb says:

    Well, a DS-10 cart would make the perfect souvenir, obviously… 😉 although I’m hoping that they might have released it worldwide by then.

    I might actually import one actually, since the DS is region-free after all!