We have been reliably informed that Jeff Bridges will once again be climbing onto his Light cycle for the eagerly anticipated Tron 2 (or Tr2n if you’re simpleton). Those at Comic Con ’08 (a couple of days ago) were treated to a specially made promo for the upcoming movie, leaked bootlegs are vanishing fast but a tantalisingly tiny vid can be seen at…

you may need this synopsis from

– We pan over ominous clouds into a digital city landscape only to find a man in a updated “Tron” costume. He’s on the run.
– The man jumps into a brand new 2008 version of the familiar light cycle.
– And a huge chase ensues with a pursuer in a dark mask after our racer. Unlike cycle races of old this one goes up and down AND side to side.
– The chased man is vanquished, crashing horrible. As the pursuer gets off his cycle he pulls a familiar disc from his back. The winner looks up to a previously unseen observer.
– And the observer is…Jeff Bridges! An older (and now evil) Flynn?!? He rises from a meditative state in his watchtower to see the pursuer do his bidding.
– The vanquished man pleads to his pursuer. “It’s just a game!” And then the final big reveal: the pursuer takes off his helmet and he is also Bridges, a seemingly younger Bridges!

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