Lego News Update

”What, Already?” pondered the perplexed assembly…

Well, I had a chat with Paul Hamlet AKA Hype-R about his excellent costume featured in the last Lego News… and here it be…


I made him for a 3 day music festival event. The theme was the 80’s and my friends and I decided to do 80’s kids heroes. He came about from that general idea.
We generally attend large 2000+ venues and event on a monthly basis and its always themed.

How long did it take to make?

It’s all cardboard based on top of a builders hard hat. It took 3 long evenings to make and paint, including the hands.

Did anyone freak out when they saw you?
(I’d have been in the corner having flashbacks from that time Berty Basset the Allsorts man kicked my ass)

Lol. Plenty of people. Never seen people so excited to see a kids toy in fully size and real life. Their eyes lit up like Christmas morning. Lots of hugs and photos all round.

Do you have any plans for supervilliany/bank heists/gang warfare?

Maybe not anything so evil but my friends have talked about getting out in the town and other events and doing ‘The adventures of…’ photo type thing. Could be very funny. Just waiting for the weather to clear up so he doesn’t melt 

What’s next for Lego man? Are you fashioning a massive Indiana Jones hat as we speak?

Hats and wigs have been on the books since the start. Pop them on the stud like the real thing. I’m contemplating a Mk2 version from either fibreglass or plastics to get the real look and shine. It’s been such a hit its worth it.
I may even mount a video camera inside to capture people’s reactions too.

Can’t Wait, Cheers Paul…

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