Fake Your Own Game Boy Camera Images

Living as we are in a harsh world of scant resources I have to hand it to 1-Up’s Retro Gaming Blog, who’ve provided an ingenious solution for the increasingly serious issue of Game Boy Camera equipment scarcity.

Using a few simple steps in Photoshop, any image can be manipulated to resemble one taken with the Game Boy Camera- taking us back over 10 years to the good old days when the world was viewed in 2-bit colour depth at a resolution of 160×144. Print the resulting image onto sticky paper and you’ve got a pretty good replacement for the Game Boy Printer too!

Read the article for the full low-down, whilst the lazy among us should check out Tiny Cartridge, who’ve made a Photoshop action which condenses the entire process to a single click. Meanwhile, here’s one we made earlier…

Game Boy Camera Dinosaur

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