Lego News

”What has occured in the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards,

Well, Dirk has made this half size replica of the Venus de Milo,


It’s a work of outstanding quality, just look at the internal structure…


Joris Block has made this excellent Gameboy,


and an equally awesome Wico Redball Amiga Joystick,

Mt.Dew Monkey has been taking advantage of his naiive models…


and the Lego Architecture range hopes to inspire creative construction in a new generation,


Frank Lloyd Wright died in 1959 (6 months before the Guggenheim opened), it’s hard to know exactly what he would have thought about this lego tribute, but I suspect his first comment would be
” Erm, that’s not really what it look’s like…

That is all.

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