Wayne Martin Belger

BoyofBlue is the though provoking site of Calafornian fruitloop Wayne Martin Belger.


The cameras he constructs are amazing…

4”x5” camera made from Steel (3/4” plate found in the desert near Mexico), Brass (parts from an 1800’s gold scale and bullet shells), Bronze, Copper (Bullets), Aluminum, Antler and Ivory (carved hand from a 18th century Christ figure).

and the pictures he takes with them are mesmerising…


I’m still hugely ambivelent about his work but that’s the mark of an important artist,
However, it’s safe to say that ethereal pictures taken with a camera made from a 13 year old girls skull, are not everyone’s cup of tea.

That said I wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne drank his tea from a matching skull…

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