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Monday, August 25th, 2008

I was in Digbeth the other day and thought I’d share some images of the graffiti house on the corner of Andover Street.

Out of Ink

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I like solarised images and thought I’d decorate the flat with a tweak of that R2D2 Tengui which I posted about last week… Half way through Mount Fuji, the printer ink started to fail… but the old girl still made a valiant effort to get the job done…

If You Could

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The ‘If you could’ project has been going for a few years, illustrators and graphic designers are invited to submit a picture which explores what they would do with the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. They publish a lovely book with the collected images and the 2009 edition will take the form of a diary… I’m really into textures and scrappy detail so I scribbled down this at the last minute, focusing on the ironic theme of preparation.

I thought if someone was actually using it as a diary they should have to write around my illustration… they didn’t agree… it will not be published…


Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Q) How wasted was I at last Fridays Ecletro night Robot Vs Dinosaur?

A) To the extent that I lost my glasses and spent the majority of the night on the nearby rooftops.

The hangover has finally evaporated leaving only the crystallised residue of remorse, my apologies to Seb for missing most of the evening.  It’s a shame because what I saw of the live acts was brilliant; ask Mr Internet about bristolian pair Portmanteau, they really impressed with an energetic and visually rich set… which I failed to capture using black and white film…      


Anyway, it was a good night (roof times included) and if anyone finds some knackered 70’s NHS glasses with a white line along the top in the vicinity of Island Bar, I would be extremely grateful…

Colouring Time

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008


If you happen to be a modern gentleman (or woman), you may have found yourself wearing a pair of Crocs, ”They’re so light and comfortable!” you may have exclaimed.

The problem is that a comfortably loose Croc can’t meet the challenges of urban living…


What if you need to leap over a puddle of dubious liquid?

Run for a bus?

Or battle ninja cyborgs?


Well Puma stepped up to fill this niche with a superlight moulded foam trainer; they come in an uninspired range of neutral colours and bright white. Fortunately, the white trainer lends itself to personalisation: with a few permanent markers you could do some interesting graphics. Additionally, pencil lines seem to be pretty much indelible so there’s potential for something really artistic. But being limited by a 5 minute attention span, I cracked open two dead markers and used surgical spirit to make some permanent watercolours which I slapped on with a brush.



Have you coloured in your shoes?

I’d like to see…