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Lego Flamethrower

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Yet another reason why you shouldn’t anger a nerd…


”This homemade LEGO flamethrower is completely built with LEGO toy building bricks. Only thing not LEGO is a piece of string and a refill bottle of butane gas which is commonly used in butane lighters and can be bought in almost any supermarket or grocery store”

I’m sure his local bullies are shitting bricks…

(Via TechEblog)

Lego News

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

”What has occured in the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards,

Well, Dirk has made this half size replica of the Venus de Milo,


It’s a work of outstanding quality, just look at the internal structure…


Joris Block has made this excellent Gameboy,


and an equally awesome Wico Redball Amiga Joystick,

Mt.Dew Monkey has been taking advantage of his naiive models…


and the Lego Architecture range hopes to inspire creative construction in a new generation,


Frank Lloyd Wright died in 1959 (6 months before the Guggenheim opened), it’s hard to know exactly what he would have thought about this lego tribute, but I suspect his first comment would be
” Erm, that’s not really what it look’s like…

That is all.

Lego News

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

”What has occurred in the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards…

Well, Entertainment Earth has made these fantastic Watchmen Kubricks,
What? Kubricks don’t count? Damn, you Lego folks are hard to please…
Well, here they are anyway…



they come in two limited edition sets (each $19) and can be preordered now…

Lego peripherals are somewhat ubiquitous, but this USB hub is pretty subtle…


(available @ DCX)

Arkov.Adorable has made this amazingly small NES…

(via tinycartrige)

and here’s a few of my favourite images from KaptainKobold‘s flickr stream…





That is all.

Lego News

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

”What has occured in the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards..

Peter Reid has made this post apocalyptic wasteland…
which isn’t weird,

A church in Sweden made a big lego Jesus for Easter…
which isn’t weird,
(Via Gear)

and this middle aged man has made himself a lego Boba Fett costume, which definitely isn’t weird.


That is all.

Lego News

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

”What has occurred in the the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards…

If you pop by the Nintendo World store at Rockefeller Center (NYC) you can see Sean Kenny’s impressively large Lego Dsi,


Here it is coming together…

You may remember Sean from the high profile construction of the travesty of typography that is the google logo…


Or his Yankee Stadium replica…

Nathan Proudlove has made this excellent Disney World inspired Sea monster, Family Ness anyone?
Kids today don’t even know what a thistle whistle is…


Godzilla fan Teenlego has made this atmospheric homage…

and this in game model is the only image we can show you of the upcoming Lego Universe, an upcoming MMO adventure game from NetDevil,


It won’t be out this year and a lots of the gameplay details are being kept under wraps, one of the most interesting features about this game is that you can build your own Lego
models within the world, which sounds pretty standard but the
interesting part is that you’ll be able to order whatever you build
in-game as a real-world bespoke Lego kit… Sweet.

(Further info @ eurogamer)

That is all.

Lego News Update

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

”What, Already?” pondered the perplexed assembly…

Well, I had a chat with Paul Hamlet AKA Hype-R about his excellent costume featured in the last Lego News… and here it be…


I made him for a 3 day music festival event. The theme was the 80’s and my friends and I decided to do 80’s kids heroes. He came about from that general idea.
We generally attend large 2000+ venues and event on a monthly basis and its always themed.

How long did it take to make?

It’s all cardboard based on top of a builders hard hat. It took 3 long evenings to make and paint, including the hands.

Did anyone freak out when they saw you?
(I’d have been in the corner having flashbacks from that time Berty Basset the Allsorts man kicked my ass)

Lol. Plenty of people. Never seen people so excited to see a kids toy in fully size and real life. Their eyes lit up like Christmas morning. Lots of hugs and photos all round.

Do you have any plans for supervilliany/bank heists/gang warfare?

Maybe not anything so evil but my friends have talked about getting out in the town and other events and doing ‘The adventures of…’ photo type thing. Could be very funny. Just waiting for the weather to clear up so he doesn’t melt 

What’s next for Lego man? Are you fashioning a massive Indiana Jones hat as we speak?

Hats and wigs have been on the books since the start. Pop them on the stud like the real thing. I’m contemplating a Mk2 version from either fibreglass or plastics to get the real look and shine. It’s been such a hit its worth it.
I may even mount a video camera inside to capture people’s reactions too.

Can’t Wait, Cheers Paul…

Lego News

Friday, March 20th, 2009

”What has occurred in the world of Lego?” roared the maniacal hoards…

Matt De Lanoy AKA Pepa Quin has made this ace I-Pod Racer…

BrickPlayer made this little bubble bobble mosaic…

This is a great fancy dress costume…

and some pretty sweet Lego Cameras have been emerging…
(Via InventorSpot & Engadget)

That is all.

Lego News

Friday, February 6th, 2009

”What, already?” chanted the feral hoards…

Well, its been snowy…

(by RogueBantha)

Christoph Niemann has been thinking about New York…

(NY Times and everywhere else on the web)

and Monster Brick has been pondering Death by Lego…

That is all.

Lego News

Monday, January 26th, 2009

”What has occurred in the World of Lego?” their pleading eyes seemed to say…

LegObama has been busy…

(Via Gear)

with the inauguration and all…

(Via Gear)

This chap has decided to make Lego Batman even more literal…

(Via Technabob)

and this guy has recreated the weapons from metal gear solid in lego, for some reason…

(Via OMGmetalgear)

Let’s keep him away from LegObama…

Lego News

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

”What has occurred in the world of Lego?” they roared maniacally,

Ochre Jelly has made some excellent BSG fraksimilies…

(Via BrothersBrick)

He should invest in Dale Wheat’s Tiny Cylon circuit to make that toaster fully authentic…

Flickr user kaitimar has made this hover car which uses ferricvortex technology to actually fly… (NB. some of that last sentence is not true)

(Via Likecool)

Udronotto has recreated some fine art…

(Via Neat)

and Chewbacca had a Merry Christmas…

(Via FBTB)

That is all.